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ReSprout Cool Kid Updates 

When parents come into the office and are super excited to share what new skills their child is doing since starting ReSprout Therapy, we celebrate! All of these updates have been parent-approved before posting. No identifying information is given. *Every child experiences individual changes while attending ReSprout that are unique to them. 

April 10, 2024

Age- 16 ½ 

Time at ReSprout- 26 Months


                                                              Improved Interoception


We have another cool kid update! This girl has had a very rough start in life and has had developmental difficulties from birth affecting her speech, motor skills, vision,  and ability to learn. She has received her education in a public school special education classroom and is now homeschooled. 


Typically, at ReSprout we are working to “calm” the nervous system and integrate the Moro reflex which can leave kids with big anxiety, emotions, or behaviors. For this particular girl, when beginning ReSprout Therapy, her mom reported that her demeanor was always “underwhelmed.” When we first started her dog had died. Her mom reported she was not phased by this at all, and didn’t show typical emotional responses for these types of situations. She was at times almost “too easygoing.” Other times, she would shy away from social situations. We are pleased to report that her mom has noticed some real “teenager-like” attitudes and emotions! Her mom reports she is happy to see this because now she is not “numb to the world.” The sensory system we are improving is called “interoception” which is the body’s way of sensing what is going on internally. We are seeing improvements in the “back-and-forth communication between the brain and the body. 


We are celebrating these “typical” and “age-appropriate” responses! Our girl is now very social at weddings and with others outside of familiar family members. She even worked in the public to serve pancakes for tornado survivors. She is homeschooled, and her mom is thrilled with her academic progress and improved handwriting. She is working towards the goal of graduating from high school curriculum, and we couldn’t be more supportive and proud of her accomplishments so far!

February 29, 2024

Age- 7 yrs.

Time at Resprout- 9 months

Happy Leap Day! We have a child who is making progress by leaps and bounds and we wanted to share his story! Prior to starting ReSprout Therapy, his parents had concerns about his big emotions and high anxiety. He was very impulsive and hyper and had difficulty communicating how he was feeling. This guy was big into sports and so were his siblings. He would often get upset or down on himself if he wasn't doing well. Because of some retained reflexes, his coordination wasn't quite up to par, even though he was a very hard worker and gave all the effort he had! 

Fast forward 9 months and his mom reported not only are they noticing the changes at home, but other people are noticing changes too! Other moms are beginning to ask her questions such as, "Did you put him on medication? He is so calm!" His mother is happy to report, "No, we did not go the medication route, but let me tell you what is working...ReSprout Therapy!" His emotions have begun to "level out" and he now has a "typical" emotional response in most situations. His mother reported there are still sibling squabbles, as there are with all siblings, but now when this happens, "He is the calm one!" He is also doing a better job at staying focused to get his homework done. 

Another struggle for this guy was a retained TLR reflex. He has a lifelong history of toe-walking. He has high muscle tone, and could not perform a layup in basketball. It was nearly impossible for him to coordinate the movements and look up while making his body move in the right way. We are starting to see great signs of integrating the TLR. The toe-walking is observed to be less frequent. He is now starting to coordinate the motions and ability to perform a layup! His coach even commented that he seems "more athletic" in the way he moves and coordinates his body. While athletics was not the parents' main focus or priority in starting ReSprout, it is very cool to see this change in their little boy! It is way more than athletics that are changing, parents are seeing improved confidence, he is less hard on himself, has improved emotional regulation, and less hyperactivity which is a win for this family! Keep up the good work! I am excited to see what changes are next! 


Untitled design (1)-min.png
basketball player -min.png

February 14, 2024

Age- 12 yrs

Time At ReSprout- 21 months



Happy Valentine’s Day! The day to show love and appreciation to others. Today, a very special girl graduated from ReSprout Therapy and my heart is on cloud 9 for this girl!  I have loved every minute of working with her and her family. The primary reason for coming to ReSprout Therapy was due to significant anxiety. The anxiety was severe enough to talk to the pediatrician. The family was seeking other options other than medication.  The little girl would miss out on fun class events because she was frequently nervous and anxious. She would frequently complain of belly aches, and not feeling well as a result of the anxiety. Another interesting fact was that as a young girl, she was frequently sick. It is thought that if the Moro reflex is constantly being triggered, it can weaken the immune system. As she went through the program, her mom reported she was no longer constantly getting sick. 


The girl had a previous history of frequent ear infections as an infant. She had RSV at 3 months and tubes placed in her ears at 9 months. The girl has a lifelong history of significant motion sickness. During this time at ReSprout we worked to improve her vestibular system which was impacted as a baby as a result of the frequent ear infections. After 7 months of working on her vestibular system, her motion sickness was gone! 


She graduated today! I am pleased to say we have successfully integrated the Moro reflex, and her “fight or flight alarm” is no longer bothering her! She is a successful girl who can now participate in events and feels comfortable going in front of others at school and church. She still gets nervous at times as we all do, but now she has the ability for higher-level brain processing to recognize this symptom and work through it in a typical way.  Congratulations girlie! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and success!

Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Calm, Cool, and Collected!! 

September 29, 2023

Age- 6 yrs

Time At ReSprout- 4 weeks

 A very big milestone has been achieved, and it is worth celebrating! Our cool kid is a 6-year-old who just started kindergarten this Fall, and has been doing ReSprout Therapy for 4 weeks. This little fellow gets very overwhelmed in busy environments and has had a rough start to the school year. He has many sensory sensitivities which makes everyday life situations difficult. His mom was pleased to report that transitioning from the car drop-off line into school has been much better. Today, was picture day at school, and did a great job (he has hated getting his picture taken in the past). Also today, for the very first time ever, he sat in the chair by himself while he got a haircut! We are so proud of him and happy for the life changes that are happening for this little boy and his family! Keep up the good work!

June 8, 2023

Age- 9

Time at ReSprout- 2 yrs 3 mo

We have another graduate! Woo Hoo! It was a very special day on Monday when this little man graduated from ReSprout! He was the very first client in my office, we started in January 2021 when he was seven years old. He has come so very far. He has made positive changes in emotional regulation and now has the ability to think before he reacts. His emotional responses are more mature now. He is adopted, and before starting ReSprout did not like to be touched, and would not seek out or enjoy hugs from his parents. This has completely changed, he seeks out hugs, snuggles on the couch, and has even written his mom some nice love notes! The bonding between the parent/child relationship has improved. We have integrated all of his reflexes. Initially, when he started, he had very low muscle tone and avoided playing at recess and on the playground. He would sit on the edge and watch others play. He is now super active and has much-improved balance and coordination. He has played on a soccer team, and has even taken and thrived at a ninja course!  Attention and focus in school are much improved. I am so proud of this little boy and his family for sticking with it and reaping the benefits of this program. It shows true dedication. I wish you all the best!

May 2, 2023

Age- 4 years

Time at ReSprout- 5 months

boy tolerating all eyes on him

ReSprout Therapy Cool Kid Update: The child is a 4-year-old male who has been in ReSprout for almost 5 months. His mom reported His anger episodes have been less, and the duration of time that they last has been pretty short. This is improving! They recently went to the botanical gardens, and a butterfly landed on his hand. Typically he would cry, scream, and have a very big reaction/ meltdown. This time, he paused, told his mom he did not like the butterfly on his hand, and they removed the butterfly. He then continued to sit in the gardens while his sisters enjoyed the butterflies. This is a huge change for him! He was able to process this situation before his body and brain instantly reacted negatively. This is a great example of working on integrating the Moro reflex


Mom also commented that his negative self-talk is becoming less and less, and he is more willing to try new things. They signed him up for t-ball. Practices have been hard. It came time for game day, and he became upset.  His mom sat with him for about five minutes to help him work through his emotions. After this, he was ready to get out there and go play! He was able to tolerate being up to bat with everyone’s eyes focused on him. Big crowds of family were there to cheer him on, and he wasn’t bothered by this! His mom reports this is such a big change! Keep up the good work my man! 

Feb. 14, 2023

Age- 6 years

Time at Resprout- 18 months 

A special little girl graduated yesterday!        Initially, she was very clumsy, and had some big time fears of movement, and a poorly functioning vestibular system.

improved visual perceptual skills and visual spatial skills

Her mom was concerned for her to start kindergarten because she had no interest in academics. We have celebrated little victories along her journey like when her teachers started seeing big improvements, and when her dad started recognizing changes! It's a big deal when the dad notices! She has come so far and I am very excited for her! 

Since we integrated her ATNR a.k.a. the "academic reflex" crossing midline is no longer an issue for this girl! I love these samples of her drawing! The first one was from her evaluation on day 1. When I look at this drawing I see vestibular issues and a very disconnected perception of oneself. Lines aren't connected to the body, parts are missing etc... Take a look at her most recent drawing! Talk about increased perception! This is a drawing of her sitting with her family playing a game on the floor. She drew the back of her head because she was facing the group. One parent is on the right so she sees their side profile. Brother is in front with his legs crossed and his cards in front of him. Another parent is lying down with their hand holding up their head. Congratulations girlie! You graduated!  

January 13, 2023

Grade- 5th 

Time at ReSprout- 11 months

ReSprout Therapy Cool Kid Graduation Update! My client graduated today! I am so proud of him and happy for his family!  He came to ReSprout with concerns about some mild motion sickness. The biggest concern was for his reading and writing. He had been diagnosed before starting ReSprout with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. Before starting the program, his mother reported, “He rubs his eyes a lot, and gets really fatigued when he reads for a long time, sustained reading is difficult for him.” This child tested positive for a fully retained ATNR (Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex) (among other deficits) which was impacting his reading and writing. He is a very easygoing kid, with no concerns regarding emotional regulation, anxiety etc… 


I am pleased to report that after 11 months, we have successfully integrated his ATNR reflex. In the therapy world, this is a REALLY BIG DEAL!  His mother shared today that in August at the beginning of the school year, he was reading at a second-grade level (he is a 5th grader). Just recently he was retested and is now reading at a 5th grade level. This is a very good example of how consistency with the program, and giving it time can show results in the end. This kiddo never had a big, “WOW!” moment, like some others experience along the ReSprout journey. He did show consistent, small improvements along the way. This can be expected with the ones who have mostly academic concerns. Every one of my clients has their own unique ReSprout journey. I am so pleased to be on this journey with each one of them and their families! 

November 1, 2022

Age: 5 yrs

Time at ReSprout- 8 months

This is a very cool SENSORY update! Typically the ReSprout program starts with

improved vestibular system child now plays on playground

targeting the vestibular system. Sensory deficits are often improved or resolved once the vestibular system starts functioning properly. This is one very cool example: This girl was born a 23-week gestation preemie. When a baby is born this early and lives in the NICU for months on end, their body is continuously bombarded with unpleasant sensory stimulation their system is just not ready for. They are getting poked, prodded, and constantly exposed to lights, sounds, and the effects of gravity. 

Fast forward to this little girl's sensory background- she has always had a deficit with sensing temperature while eating, and temperature to touch. She can not identify when something is hot or cold. The family has always been careful about giving her food that is too hot because she would not know if it was burning her mouth. She also had deficits with knowing if bath water or a surface was too hot, or cold. She has lived with this for 5 years! Fast forward to the present day and this is no longer an issue for her! It has been completely resolved by improving the vestibular system!  


Sounds- She used to hold her hands over her ears and was very sensitive to loud noises. She is now attending parades without becoming very distressed like she has in the past. She now has a “typical” response. 


Balance/ Movement- This little girl would become very distressed from the time she was a toddler if her feet would leave the ground. She had very poor balance and proprioception. She disliked playground equipment and would refuse. It is still out of her comfort zone, but she willingly will play on the playground equipment now! She is also climbing a ladder to the top bunk! Way to go girl! 


It is pretty amazing to watch the changes that are unfolding for this little girl, in her brain and body. Keep on going!

 October 27, 2022

Age- 9 yrs

Time at ReSprout- 5 months

Girl now speaking up in class

Concerns before she started: Behavior, emotional regulation issues, bedwetting, mild motion sickness, extremely afraid of heights, difficulty making and maintaining relationships with peers, and maturity level compared to her peers. Fast forward nearly 5 months and parents are getting reports of her being very talkative in class. This might sound like a problem, but it is a success story for her! Her mom said she is making and keeping more friends and had more friends show up at her birthday party! She recently went to a pumpkin patch and climbed ladders to get to activities! This is also a huge win! This lets me know that we are starting to integrate the TLR reflex which can impact depth perception. Her big emotions are really starting to level out and are not nearly like they were before starting the program. We are super excited to see what is next for this girl! 

June 23, 2022

Age: 13 yrs 

Time In ReSprout: 1 year

teen boy sitting

In the beginning, he had some major sensory-seeking tendencies that his parents were concerned about from a social perspective. He was also very sensitive to touching textures and was a picky eater. Parents had other concerns such as poor handwriting, letter reversals, and poor coordination. One of their biggest concerns was how reclusive he was, and that he didn't want to leave his room, house, or go outside. He could also be very quick to anger which his parents were worried about. 

Fast forward one year later, most of all the sensory seeking and avoiding tendencies parents were concerned about are gone. There are still some minimal sensory-seeking tendencies. His balance,

coordination and muscle tone have greatly improved. The new breakthrough has been with his emotions and anger tendencies. He is now able to control his anger and emotions to a "normal" response. Parents are very happy he has been coming out of his room, has been going outside, and even went to a sibling's sporting event! These are all very big changes for this guy and his whole family. This will definitely help impact his future! 

May 31, 2022

Age- 5 yrs

In ReSprout- 4 months

girl not afraid of heights on playground

ReSprout Cool Kid Update: Background info on this girl: Born at 23 weeks gestation, via emergency C-section birth, she is a twin, and is adopted. She was in the NICU for the first 7 months of life. (Much more to this past medical history). Was an "ENT" child and has had 3 sets of ear tubes. She started the ReSprout program in Feb. When she first started, she was very fearful of movement, had very poor balance, and would not attempt any tasks with her eyes closed. She would become very anxious when her feet would leave the ground. She avoided playing on playground equipment. She has many sensory sensitivities and some behavioral issues. The past few times she has come to my office, she was very fearful, and would not cooperate or follow directions

Today, a "different" little girl walked through my door! 

   She walked in with confidence, she was not afraid to 

perform any movements, and even stood there and performed balance tasks with her eyes closed! Her mom reported she was getting ready to shed some tears! This is a huge deal! Her mom reports she is now riding a horse by herself! Just a few months ago this little girl wouldn't let her feet leave the ground! She's also starting to play on the playground equipment! Her mom reports that she can tell she is improving in her higher level thinking, and is putting together more concepts. ReSprout Therapy is concerned iwth improving physical abilities such as balance, and coordination so that the effort and brain power that was once going towards this reflex, can now free up brain power to be used for higher level cognitive functioning such as academic learning, hand-eye coordination attention etc... We are well on our way to making BIG changes for this little girl! 

May 6, 2022

Age- 9 yrs

Time in Resprout- 11 months

Last school year (and in years prior) he had really big testing anxiety, and would frequently complain of somatic symptoms such as headaches, and belly aches. Last year during the state assessments he required several days to finish one test. He ended up completing every test in the principal's office because it took him so long. Fast forward to this school year's state testing and 11 months of ReSprout. He is no longer complaining of any somatic belly aches or headaches. He only needed extended time on two of his tests. He was able to finish those the next day. He has not had any testing anxiety and hasn't woken up in the night worried about these tests like he has in the past. His mom was really happy and excited to report these changes! 

April 27th, 2022

Age- 7 yrs

ReSprout Program- 1 month

ReSprout Cool Kid Update! I haven't done an update in a while, even though I feel like I could literally write these stories every day I see kids! I'll 

girl with writing difficulties

give a little background on this third-grade girl and why ReSprout cares so much about prenatal and birth history and its impact on the nervous system. Her mom was placed on bedrest 7-8 weeks before birth. This can really hinder the development of the vestibular system! This baby that was once getting all this movement and stimulation now gets little to none. She was a late walker, and wore braces on both feet due to toe walking. She is till an occasional toe walker. She still experiences major motion sickness. She has a lot of anxiety and major sensory sensitivities to touch, and sound. She really dreads going to school and has reading, writing, and copying difficulties. Her mom's number one goal was to get her more confident and less anxious. Today was the one month marker since starting the ReSprout program. They are already seeing improvements in motion sickness. The girl reports she is able to copy from the board a lot better, and has been riding a horse! This is something she would not have done a month ago! Talk about improvements in the vestibular system! When her mom asked her today in the office what she thinks has improved the most in the last month, her answer was, "Learning." Well mom, we are well on our way to improving this girl's confidence along with so many aspects in her life! 

child experiencing double vision

March 5, 2022

While testing a second grader, the parents had concerns about motion sickness, emotional regulation, focus and attention, etc... Throughout testing many systems were severely impacted such as vision, posture, and balance. I felt like there was more to this kid than just reflexes being impacted.  His

sense of midline appeared to be not centrally located. After evaluating many systems including vestibular and vision, I reported to the parents that I felt as if the child was experiencing double vision, along with his severely impacted vestibular system. I referred this kiddo out for further evaluation by an optometrist. It was later confirmed by the optometrist that the child was in fact experiencing double vision. He had lived with this his entire life. The child has started the ReSprout Therapy program, and we are all excited to see improvements. I love evaluating kids and finding the root of the problem. This is how we know where to start in our treatment plan.  


Dec. 20, 2021

This is a fantastic example of vestibular treatment and how it carries over into academic results! This little lady's treatment has focused solely on vestibular stimulation so far. Her mom has reported great gains in balance, and coordination.  Her emotions are now more regulated to give a "typical response" to the situation. 

The amazing part is to see how this newfound body awareness is interpreted on paper! The person she drew now has a full body, with body parts joined to the torso. Her lines are firm and joining. Most definitely, her visual-spatial awareness has improved! This mom also reports a newfound interest in academics, whereas before it was a big battle. 

September 13, 2021

Age- 8 yrs

Time at ReSprout- 8 months

An excited mom wrote, "I have noticed so many changes, it's like he's a whole new kid. His emotions have really improved. He used to stomp up the stairs and get very upset over small things, and we haven't seen that for a long time. It's hard to put my finger on it, but he just seems more mature. Usually, I would get reports every day from school about times he is not listening, and/or refusing to do work. I am pleased to report that in 4 1/2 weeks of school, I have not gotten one bad report until today, lol it was the first time he refused to do a worksheet, but still! He has gone 4 1/2 weeks! That is a huge improvement!"

On the clinical side: This kiddo now has a fully integrated TLR reflex. His balance and coordination have improved tremendously, and his vestibular system is now functioning properly. His Moro reflex is nearly integrated which is why we are seeing sucn improvements on the behavioral/emotional side. 

June 22,2021

Age- 6yrs

Time at ReSprout- 13 weeks

An excited mom wrote, "This is going to sound silly, but I clipped his fingernails and toenails today.

1. He let me do it without freaking out

2 He had so much anxiety before starting this program he would pick his nails. It's been well over a year since I last had to clip his nails! Maybe even two years! 


The best part of working with kids at ReSprout Therapy is the happy videos and texts I get from the parents who are overjoyed and shocked at the things their children are now doing! Tonight I got a video from a proud mom.  He was swinging himself on a swing, something he had never been able to do before! His little brother always could...and now he can too! This same kiddo is now hitting and catching a baseball! His mom didn't sign him up for ball because he was never interested in it, but now HE CAN DO IT! This same kiddo is now sleeping through the night. This is also a huge win for him and his mom! 

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