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 Reflex Integration Therapy


We all have a story to share. ReSprout Therapy can help write your child's next chapter.

What are you waiting for? 

How Reflex Integration Therapy Works

Reflex integration therapy works by utilizing various techniques and exercises to stimulate and retrain the nervous system. The therapy targets the specific reflexes that are not fully integrated and aims to facilitate their integration through repetitive and purposeful movements. The therapy sessions are tailored to each child's unique needs and may include activities such as crawling exercises, balance training, sensory integration exercises, and rhythmic movements. These activities help to activate and strengthen the neural pathways associated with reflex integration. By engaging in these specialized exercises, the child's nervous system is stimulated, allowing for the rewiring and integration of reflexes. Over time, this can lead to noticeable improvements in areas such as coordination, balance, attention span, and emotional regulation.

Reflex Integration Therapy Techniques and Exercises

Reflex integration therapy utilizes a variety of techniques and exercises to promote the integration of reflexes. 

Balance Training

Balance exercises help to improve proprioception and spatial awareness, which are important for overall coordination and motor skills development. Examples include standing with feet at midline, balancing on one foot, and walking a balance beam.


Sensory Integration Exercises

These exercises involve engaging the senses to stimulate the nervous system and promote the integration of reflexes.


Rhythmic Movements

Rhythmic movements such as rocking or moving the body in a specific way are commonly used in reflex integration therapy. These movements help to activate the vestibular system and promote the integration of reflexes. They can have a calming effect on the nervous system and aid in emotional regulation. 

The Process


Complete the Birth History/Intake Form

Complete the Birth History/Intake Form and be sure to click the "submit" button. Wait for ReSprout to contact you shortly! 


1 Hour Phone Call 

ReSprout will contact you to schedule a one hour phone call to review the Intake form, and answer any questions you might have. 


In Person Evaluation

The ReSprout Therapy Evaluation helps identify specific deficits and allows us to determine what level to begin targeting first. We make the evaluation process fun! You will receive your first reflex integration exercise and begin the program on this day. 


Follow Up Visits

The first follow-up visit is scheduled 4 weeks after the evaluation. After that, follow-up visits are scheduled every 8 weeks. Virtual appointments are available. During these visits, we will re-screen and make adjustments to your child's exercise.

ReSprout Evaluation Includes: 

  • Tests for Gross Muscle Coordination and Balance

  • Tests for Patterns of Motor Development

  • Oculo-Motor Screening

  • Tests for Retained Reflexes (both primitive and postural)

  • Tests for Cerebellar Involvement

  • Tests for Dysdiadochokinesia (rapid alternating movements)

  • Visual-Perceptual Screening

  • Tests for Laterality

  • 1 hour Evaluation Review (in person, Google Meet, or by phone) to discuss the results of the evaluation

  • A detailed, written report regarding the findings of the Comprehensive Evaluation

  • School report with suggested classroom accommodations and learning style of your child. 

Read about success stories and updates from kids who have been in ReSprout Therapy! 

FAQ About Reflex Integration Therapy

Does my child need a diagnosis to be evaluated for retained primitive reflexes? 

A medical diagnosis is not required for evaluation. ReSprout does work frequently with those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Anxiety, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and much more. 

How long does it take to integrate primitive reflexes? 

ReSprout Therapy individualizes treatment plans to fit the needs of the child. Each child takes their own path. A general time frame to complete the program is 12 - 24 months.  

What type of primitive reflex integration occupational therapy exercises will my child be doing? 

Your child will be prescribed 1-2 exercises to perform each night before bedtime. The exercises typically take 2 to 10 minutes. In order to see changes, the family needs to be consistent with performing the exercises on a daily basis. 

ReSprout Therapy provides primitive reflex integration therapy using the INPP protocol. (Institute For Neuro-Physiological Psychology) 

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