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ReSprout takes the time to listen, validate your concerns, and explain why these symptoms are happening 

Parents often say they feel heard, and empowered after going through the intake and evaluation process. 

ReSprout is a private practice that loves to evaluate movement along with brain and body systems to find the root of the problem. We don't just aim to provide temporary solutions. This specialized therapy provides life-long changes to help improve the quality of life. 

Get to Know ReSprout

ReSprout Therapy is a specialized therapy practice in Portland, Indiana that serves kids from newborn through age 18.







Therapy Services Offered:

Emily Reynolds, MSOTR, INPP, CST

Emily Reynolds, MSOTR

Emily Reynolds is the founder of ReSprout Therapy. She has an extensive background in Occupational Therapy working with people throughout their lifespan. Emily has worked in the public school system for 12+ years as a school-based OT. She has worked with kids with autism, specific learning difficulties, developmental delays, cognitive deficits, emotional regulation problems, and many more diagnoses.


Emily graduated with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern Indiana in 2006. She began to work with neurological patients in an outpatient rehabilitation setting. She treated people with diagnoses such as; stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries.


A few years later, Emily decided she wanted to work with babies and children. She used her occupational therapy skill set to work with babies 0 to 3 years through First Steps. Here, she learned a lot about atypical neurological development throughout infancy and toddlerhood. Later, Emily was given the opportunity to begin working in the public school setting. This, once again was a shift in mindset from the medical model, to the academic school-based model.

In 2018, Emily received her certification from The Dyslexia Institute of Indiana, Inc. for completion of the Forty hour Training in Basic Language ~ Orton Gillingham Approach. In 2020, Emily completed the one-year post graduate program through The Institute for Neuro- Physiological Psychology and became a Certified INPP Licentiate. In 2021  Emily opened ReSprout Therapy clinic in Portland, Indiana. In 2023 Emily trained to become an Infant Craniosacral Therapist through Beames CST. Emily now treats babies for many conditions, as well as tracks the baby's development. She is excited to help improve neuro-development from the beginning of life instead of waiting until a problem arises. Emily also enjoys volunteering her time to serve on the JRDS Board of Directors

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