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 Developmental Milestones Check-Up

Emily Reynolds helps  baby with developmental delay
ReSprout Therapy helps kids bloom
ReSprout Therapy helps baby with developmental delay

ReSprout: Planting the seeds of brain growth & development for a bright future

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What Happens During A Developmental Check-Up Appointment?

Assess Developmental Milestones
  • Emily will ask questions about your child's developmental progress
  • Parent, child and therapist all move to the floor to assess developmental milestones
  • Often this looks like play, and is fun for your child
  • If children are uneasy about working with Ms. Emily, parents are encouraged to perform the task with Emily guiding the play
Feel free to nurse or give your baby a bottle during your appointment
Developmental Checkup ReSprout Therapy
Change diapers, bring snacks whatever makes your child comfortable! 
Feel at ease in ReSprout's inviting space for parents, babies & toddlers. 

ReSprout Developmental Report

Parents leave the appointment with a detailed, easy to read report letting them know which developmental milestones their child has mastered, and which ones they need to work on. These Reports are perfect momentos for the baby book!  ​

Developmental Report Assesses These Areas:

  • Gross Motor Skills           
  • Fine Motor Skills                
  • Visual Motor Skills
  • Cognition         
  • Communication Skills               
  • Developmental Milestones
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