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Sweet BabySprout Updates 

When parents come into the office and are super excited to share how craniosacral treatments have helped their baby or let us know about a new milestone their baby/toddler has made, we celebrate! All of these updates have been parent-approved before posting. No identifying information is given.  

September 17, 2023

Age 12 months

 It’s been a while since I have done an update! So many good things are happening at ReSprout! Yesterday was a bittersweet “see ya later” to one of my baby sprout clients. I have been working with her since she was seven months old on a weekly basis, and next week she turns 1 year old. 


When she first came in, her Mom had concerns because she hated tummy time, and refused to do it. She was uncomfortable in her own body and appeared to be in pain with tummy time. She also favored one side. After many craniosacral sessions, the baby appeared to be free of pain and now tolerated tummy time! The next big focus was on getting her to crawl. Developmentally, she was just a little behind because of the amount of time it took her to enjoy tummy time. Week after week, we worked and she got stronger and more brave to try new things. I am pleased to report that she is now crawling! I hope she gives crawling a few months before she takes off walking. This will allow for increased right/left brain development. Happy early birthday to this sweetie pie, we wish her and her family all the best! I am sure I will be seeing them at routine developmental checkups.

Pain With Tummy Time

June 28, 2023

Age- 8 months

Craniosacral Therapy Improves Bottle Feeding

8-month-old baby was seen at ReSprout Therapy for three treatment sessions. Initially, the mother had concerns about her baby’s head shape, bottle-feeding issues, favoring one side, and not bearing weight or crawling. During her appointments, we worked to perform releases to her entire body which will affect her head shape. I went inside the mouth to perform releases to aid with bottle feeding. Last week she was having some reflux so we worked to perform some releases to help the reflux go away. This little baby’s mom was so happy to report today she has not had any reflux! Her bottle feeding is going so well. Her mom reported she wished she had known about this sooner when her baby was younger. She reported bottle feeds used to take so long, and she would get choked up so easily. Now, she is not having any issues taking her bottle! This little baby began to crawl and bear weight through her arms and legs this week! She is doing great things!

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