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Sensory Tools = Short Term Solutions

“Sensory”. A buzz word that is tossed around quite frequently in certain social communities, mom groups, autism, ADHD groups etc… It has become a great marketing “strategy” to market items that are “sensory tools”.

Many times as a school based OT, I get called in to look at a kid because he has sensory issues, and the teacher is requesting a fidget. Is this wrong? The short answer is...absolutely not! That’s what I’m there for!

Sensory toys, fidgets

The long answer we really think that by giving a stretchy ball, a soft piece of velvet to rub, a chewy tool, or a bendy thing is going to “fix” this kid's sensory issues? I hope not.

Sometimes, in order to get a kid on track in that particular moment so that he or she can learn a new skill, or hold it together without harming himself or others...sensory tools are necessary to calm the system.

I love a good sensory tool as much as the kids do...and I do hand them out as needed. The difference is...I know that this little stretchy a temporary solution to a neurological problem that has likely been going on this kid’s entire life.

The good news is that kids don’t have to struggle with these extremes in sensory modulation issues. There is a way to stop treating all these symptoms we see on the outside with fidgets, toys, sensory diets etc… and get to the source of the problem in the brain and make a lasting change.

ReSprout Therapy looks beyond all the sensory issues your child is showing on the outside, and pinpoints where the breakdown is within the brain and body systems. We can develop a specific, individualized program for your child based on where the lowest point of breakdown is. If you are ready to see big changes in your child’s sensory processing, contact us today!

By: Emily Reynolds, MSOTR, INPP Certified

(812) 480-0654


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