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Why Didn’t Therapy Work For My Child?

There are so many different types of therapies out there for children. These are run by amazing care providers, who are professionals and experts in their field. Many parents often seek out different therapies based on their child’s needs. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Vision Therapy are all areas that help improve a child’s developmental skills.

Motor training therapies of this type tend to have mixed success. For some kids, traditional therapy is all they needed. They made great gains, are discharged, and sent on their way. For others, if primitive reflexes are an underlying factor, they might show great improvement while they are actively in the therapy, but these are just short term gains only. These newly attained skills do not necessarily cross over and impact academic performance, or create lasting change in effortless motor planning like it should. The reasoning behind this is; motor training therapies are aimed at improving higher levels in the brain such as the mid-brain and cortex.

Think of it like a set of dominoes. The first domino is the earliest part of brain development. Each domino after that is a higher level reflex, or more complex part of brain development. When something in early brain development goes wrong, the dominoes fall. Most therapies target the last domino. They are working to treat the symptoms seen on the outside. While some progress can be made, until you pick up those dominoes from the very beginning, you can not fully “reset” the game.

Dominos in a line

This is where the ReSprout / INPP program differs from other therapies. We target the earliest point of breakdown for your child, and begin remediation there. We take your child through a systematic, orderly sequence of the way the brain naturally develops. We work from the lower centers of the brain (brainstem) and eventually move towards the higher centers of the brain...cerebellum, mid-brain, and then cortex.

Contact us today if you think this program could benefit your child.

By: Emily Reynolds, MSOTR, INPP Certified

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