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If You Give A Brain A Cookie

Have you ever read the beloved children’s book by Laura Joffe Numeroff, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?” Kids love how one thing leads to the next and the next. When the mouse gets his cookie, he wants some milk to go with it and so on and so on. In the end, it all circles back around to the mouse getting his milk...and you guessed it, he wants a cookie to go with it!

Mouse eats a cookie

I think of the brain and the body in the same way! So often we think of these as separate body systems, that each function on their own. The truth is, all our systems in our brain and body are connected and work together. When it comes down to it, one system is connected to the next, and the next and so on!

So here it goes...

ReSprout Therapy's version of… “If You Give A Brain A Cookie”!

When your hungry child sees a giant stack of cookies... information is received through the senses (vision, and smell).

But, in order for that information that has been taken in to be analyzed, the information must be integrated. You know what? The information our eyes take in, is not processed by vision alone. A good visual system is highly dependent on a properly functioning vestibular system.

Integration of that information takes place as a result of action, or motor response. Motor control is linked to posture and balance. Posture and balance are dependent on a mature reflex system. And reflex maturity shows us evidence of how well the central nervous system is functioning.

So there you have it! All systems are dependent on one another.

So now, let's think about when there is an interruption in that system. Instead of grabbing that gooey cookie and shoving it in his mouth, he sees that cookie and focuses on all the mixed textures in it.

When he thinks about all those mixed textures, it triggers his gag response. When his gag response is triggered, this also triggers his fight or flight reaction, (which is actually a Moro reflex). This causes him to become uncontrollably upset. So when you give his brain a cookie... there’s a good chance that when he calms down, he’s going to want a cup of milk to make him feel better!

While this makes for a good story and analogy, children whose Moro reflex is constantly being triggered, can be very “edgy” or “rigid” in their behavior. They like routine, and always want to know what is coming next. They can be anxious, and controlling. This is no way to live life. If this sounds similar to how your child reacts, contact ReSprout Therapy to see how we can help!

By: Emily Reynolds, MSOTR, INPP Certified

(812) 480-0654


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