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How Can ReSprout Help My Sensory Kid?

Sensory kids are tricky! If you have a “sensory kid,” then you know that there is typically not just one area in which a kid has sensory integration problems. Lots of things can set these kids “off,” and just when you think you have it all figured out; their sensory needs go and change. It can be a never ending, constantly changing, battle.

Some sensory symptoms you might see on the outside include: (this is not an all inclusive list)

● Covering ears (auditory)

● Chewing on non food items

● Hyperactivity

● Withdraws from social situations

● Tired / fatigue

● Seeks input through joints by running, jumping, leaping, climbing, spinning

● Inattention

● Stimming

● Drawn to fast moving screens (TV, ipad, video games)

● Clothes feel too itchy

● Clumsy

● Rigid, afraid of movement such as swings, or horseplay

● Doesn’t perceive touch effectively (too hard, or too soft etc..)

● Emotionally reactive

While a combination of these symptoms and others can be observed, you might think that there are multiple issues with multiple body systems going on such as auditory, visual, proprioceptive, tactile etc… When in reality, all of these symptoms can be related to one or two issues in the brain and vestibular system.

Wires connected to a router

When the vestibular system is “off” or not working properly, this can cause a chain reaction to many other systems in the body. Think of it as electrical wiring. If there is a “short” in the wire, then the signal is going to be interrupted. Only some of the information is getting in, and only part of the information is being put back out. When improper information is received, then it can be expected that the reaction will be “off” too. An example of this is when the air conditioner kicks on, and your child covers his ears because it is too loud. You know this is not a loud sound, but his system perceives it as very overstimulating.

The vestibular system has connections to other parts of the body. It intersects with other systems at a very specific spot in the brainstem called the Vestibular Nuclei. Here, messages are sent and received to and from the eyes (visual system), the ears (auditory system), the spinal system (peripheral nervous system), and the cerebellum (the fine tuner of movement, balance & coordination). The vestibular system is involved in controlling and fine-tuning our vision, balance, hearing, sense of motion, sense of smell, sense of time, sense of direction, anxiety/depression levels, and much more!

ReSprout therapy can target the vestibular system to bring about changes in the brain so that the vestibular system is working properly. When this is achieved, all these other brain and body systems can begin to receive the proper information. No more “short” in the wiring system! When the proper information is received through the sensory systems, the person can then respond in an accurate way.

Sensory dysfunction can cause major life impacts for kids and teens. Contact us today if you have any questions about the program and what it can do for your child.

By: Emily Reynolds, MSOTR, INPP Certified

(812) 480-0654


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