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Calibrate The Vestibular System

ReSprout Therapy specializes in providing exercises to calibrate the vestibular system. What does this mean? I like to think of the vestibular system as a “level” the tool carpenters use to ensure the balance or alignment of an object is right on the mark. I explain to parents that their kiddo’s “bubble” on the “vestibular level” is way off and not calibrating properly. ReSprout Therapy has specialized exercises to help the vestibular system recalibrate to help regulate all of the areas mentioned above. We are training the body to identify where it is in space and calibrate eye function and auditory processing, which share connections in the brain to the vestibular system.

A child with neurodevelopmental delay may have little control over their body and how it perceives and regulates movement (including the eyes for reading and writing). The vestibular system plays a big role in many brain and body functions. According to The National Library of Medicine, "The vestibular system functions to detect the position and movement of our head in space. This allows for the coordination of eye movements, posture, and equilibrium." These kids can seem a little (or a lot!), “off” compared to their peers. Many parents know something is “off” but they just can’t put their finger on it.

Calibrate The Vestibular System

Reasons Why You Need to Calibrate Your Vestibular System:

  • Poor Balance and Coordination

  • Anxiety

  • Difficulty with Visual Tracking

  • Difficulty Visually Perceiving Information Correctly

  • Poor Auditory Processing

  • Low Stamina, Fatigue

  • Nausea/ Motion Sickness

  • “Mental Fog”

  • Disrupted Sleep/ Wake Cycle

  • Poor Academic Performance

  • Emotional Regulation Difficulties

If your child is having issues in these areas, contact ReSprout today to get started on calibrating the vestibular system.


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How to calibrate the vestibular stystem


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